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4 Ways of Handling Long Shift Patterns

4 Ways of Handling Long Shift Patterns

One of the most challenging aspects of working in the care industry is negotiating long shift patterns. The definition of shift work is defined as a job that starts before 8am or finishes after 6pm. It’s also associated with work hours that break a person’s normal sleep pattern and exceed regular 7.5-8 hour shifts. Some […]

7 Interview Questions to Help Find a Top Care Worker

7 Interview Questions to Help Find a Top Care Worker

Carrying out an interview for any job can be very daunting for managers and senior staff, particularly when deciding which of the 100’s of interview questions to ask. There’s always the pressure of making a good impression to the candidate, and then there’s the simple task of choosing the right one to work within your […]

How to Reduce Interview Nerves

How to Reduce Interview Nerves

You’ve perfected your CV, passed your pre-screening test with flying colours and now you’ve been invited to attend an interview with an organisation or care recruitment agency. Then they hit you, the dreaded interview nerves. Don’t fear, according to experts, only 2% of job seekers will be offered an interview, so you should take great […]

What does a DBS Check include

Everything You Need to Know About DBS Checks

When it comes to finding a perfect role in the care industry, you might be required to do a little bit more than just hand in your CV or fill out an application. A DBS check is a requirement if you work with children or vulnerable adults. This check is designed to confirm whether you’re […]

How to keep your care workers smiling

7 Ways to Keep Your Care Workers Smiling

Making patients and residents feel welcome is essential in the care industry. As we previously mentioned, being personable is the key to achieving this. This involves being mindful of what patients want to hear and how they’d like to be treated, taking the time to listen and most importantly, remembering to smile! In fact, an […]

Interview Questions to Break the Ice

5 Interview Questions to Break the Ice

Interviews can be extremely daunting for care workers. First, they have to think about wearing the right clothes, and then they need to ensure they have done enough research on the organisation. However, they aren’t the only ones who have a lot to consider. According to Monster, 58% of candidates said that they’d turn down […]

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