10 Inspiring Blogs To Help Boost Your Career

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life - confuciusIf you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you’ve probably already heard us complaining about the mounds of absolute crap, so-called “career advice” that can be found online..?

It frustrates us because we know how hard it can be to find a job in the first place, without being hoodwinked by myths about “being more creative” or pulling silly job-hunt stunts!

(When, most of the time, a simple, well-written and structured CV is actually more appealing.)

However, there are some trustworthy companies (like us) out there, offering really great advice on career development, job hunting and entrepreneurship – so this week, I’ve been sourcing them for you!

Introducing, the top 10 reputable career blogs, that you should be subscribed to, to boost your career! (Excluding our own blog of course, but hopefully you’ve already seen the value in that.)

1.  Career Savvy

Topics:  Job hunting and interviews, career development, money saving, self employment, student and graduate advice.

Link:       https://www.careersavvy.co.uk/blog/

Must-Read Posts: 

How to Make Your Commute More Productive Editorial Team

Four Tips For Writing a Great Cover Email Editorial Team

The Ultimate Gap Year Budget Guide Sarah Pike

My favourite thing about the blog is… the well-designed site is really easy to navigate and each  post is kept short and to the point, making it easy, entertaining and efficient to digest the important information.

2. Position Ignition

Topics:  Job hunting and interviews, career development, leadership techniques.

Link:      https://www.positionignition.com/blog

Must-Read Posts:

Why Being a Confident Leader is Important

What to Do When You Become The Boss to Your Friends

Animation: Be a More Confident Public Speaker

My favourite thing about the blog is… the tone of each post, which is fun, friendly and compelling. Position Ignition know how to capture your attention, even when discussing historically “boring” topics.

3. The Daily Muse

Topics:  Job search and interviewing, career development, management, break-room.

Link:       https://www.themuse.com/tags/career-advice

Must-Read Posts:

4 Ways to Make Venting at Work Actually Productive Katie Douthwaite Wolf

7 Successful People Who Kicked Off Their Careers With Failure Aja Frost

How My “Stupid” Career Decision Led Me to My Dream Job Caribou Honig

My favourite thing about the blog is… the articles are written by a range of different contributors, from investors and directors to students and recruiters, so you get different opinions, perspectives and experiences.

4. Reed

Topics:  Job search and interviewing, career development, salary search.

Link:      https://www.reed.co.uk/career-advice

Must-Read Posts:

Unfair dismissal versus redundancy

What your kids really want to be when they grow up

Half of British workforce fails to take full annual leave

My favourite thing about the blog is… Reed’s posts are heavily centered on factual evidence, bursting with research, stats and legal updates. If you’re a fact-finder, then this blog is certainly worth a REED (get it?!)

5. The Careers Blog (The Guardian)

Topics:  Job search and interviewing, graduate advice, sector news, training courses, top employers.

Link:       https://www.theguardian.com/careers/careers-blog

Must-Read Posts:

The Game of Thrones careers guide: job tips from Westeros Peter Moore

Your craziest job interview stories: ‘The chair flew up and knocked out my teeth’ Charlotte Seager

Women in tech: how free tampons are tackling the gender imbalance Helena Pozniak

My favourite thing about this blog is… the contributors’ ability to bring the latest news and developments in the employment market to life (with some helpful tips along the way) using current topics – like the Game of Thrones one above!

6. Learning to Leap

Topics:  Job search and interviewing, career development, current affairs, ethics, leadership, employee engagement, well-being.

Link:     https://www.learningtoleap.co.uk/category/professionals/

Must-Read Posts:

Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders: The Only Way Is Ethics

Cut The Waffle To Impress At A Job Interview

CV Secrets: How To Really Impress An Employer

My favourite thing about this blog is… the detail you’ll find within each post. This isn’t necessarily the right site for a quick browse, but if you want genuine industry expertise that isn’t watered down, this blog is a winner.

7. The Undercover Recruiter

Topics:  Job search and interviewing, career development, social media and technology.

Link:       https://theundercoverrecruiter.com/

Must-Read Posts:

How To Use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to Find a Job James Tomerson

How to Get Your Motivation Back After a Holiday Ruby Lowe

How to Dress for Your Job Interview Sophie Deering

My favourite thing about this blog is… the unbiased, unsalesy insights offered by a wide variety of recruitment professionals (their GIFs are pretty great too). (This is the second time we’ve mentioned The Undercover Recruiter this week – they really are that good!)

8. The Bubble Blog

Topics:  Job search and interviewing, graduate advice, digital marketing.

Link:     https://www.bubble-jobs.co.uk/blog/

Must-Read Posts:

How To Tackle New Job Nerves Lauren Riley

5 Ways You’re Wasting Space On Your CV Amy Edwards

5 Tips On Turning An Internship Into A Job Offer Lauren Riley

My favourite thing about this blog is… the passion! You can tell that each writer has been-there, done-that and knows exactly what job-seekers are looking for in terms of advice, guidance and a much-needed confidence boost. They care.

9. Jobsite

Topics:  Job search and interviewing, career development, personal development, redundancies, workplace issues, salaries.

Link:     https://www.jobsite.co.uk/worklife/tag/blog/

Must-Read Posts:

Poached by a competitor? Here’s what you need to know Zak Harper

5 successful people without a degree Zak Harper

The office bully – top tips on how to handle tricky colleagues Mervyn Dinnen

My favourite thing about this blog is… it looks after the so-called “underdogs,” tackling tough topics like lack of education, terrible co-workers, redundancy and unemployment with care and honesty.

10. Career Geek

Topics:  CVs, career development, education, entrepreneurship.

Link:     https://www.careergeekblog.com/

Must-Read Posts:

5 Ways To Use Pinterest In Your Career Management

5 Creative Resume Designs That Will Make Recruiters Look Twice

Advice on Training to Be a Carer

My favourite thing about this blog is… it’s basically a one-stop-shop of information, offering general guidance for both employers and job-seekers, but also approaching industry-specific topics (like “advice on training to be a carer”).


Self-development is SO important when it comes to having a successful career (that you love) and that means doing your research whilst happily working for a company, as well as when you’re looking for a new job.

Set aside some time each day (if you want to be really productive, you could take advantage of your commute) to read up on your industry, job role and/or company.

I’m more than happy to admit that I don’t (yet!) know everything there is to know about HR and recruitment; that’s why myself and the other Coburg Banks directors are signed up to a variety of blogs, magazines and newsletters.

Recruiter Pro Tip.

Don’t believe everything you read! There are plenty of sites that falsely claim to know what they’re talking about.

Choose a few (perhaps 11?!) trusted sites to subscribe to and whittle down your email preferences so that each week you only receive relevant updates, in easily-digestible chunks.

You could also consider joining an online community to gain more insight, like…

Just be careful not to go ‘subscribe-happy’ and sign up to too many sites, it’ll take up most of your time just culling irrelevant information.

(If you haven’t already, don’t forget to sign up to this blog – we really are passionate about spreading the word on everything career related!)

If you come up with any other blogs that you think we should have included, feel free to let us know.

Happy browsing!