What are the Benefits of Working with a Care Recruitment Agency?

What are the Benefits of Working with a Care Recruitment Agency?

Wondering whether you should use a recruitment agency to find your next employee?

The truth is, using any old one doesn’t always work for businesses and organisations – especially if you’re operating in the care industry.

Finding the right professionals with the necessary qualifications and experience isn’t as easy as logging onto LinkedIn and approaching someone.

The reality is, a vast majority of care professionals don’t use LinkedIn to boost their profile.

This makes it extremely hard for a regular recruiter or HR professional to source these kinds of people when you’re in a rush to fill a position.

In contrast, a specialist care recruitment agency has the capability to find candidates quickly, helping you to drive down costs and plan more effectively to ensure your patients continue to receive a first-class service.

To illustrate this point further, we’ve included some more examples on why it pays to work with a specialist care recruitment agency like us.

A bank of professionals waiting for you

The care sector is one of the largest in the UK, employing nearly 4 million people.

Furthermore, each and every role is different in some way – whether that’s down to the environment someone has worked in or the type of work they’ve previously done.

That’s why it’s so hard to find a candidate that perfectly matches your specific requirements.

As previously mentioned, LinkedIn isn’t the first source for a lot of these professionals.

Therefore, organisations and businesses are expected to simply pluck these people out of thin air.

Headhunting is time-consuming, while paying for numerous job adverts can really cut into your budget when you aren’t sure which job board is the most effective.

Experimenting with content, job boards and paid ads, as well as contacting various candidates simply isn’t achievable when you have a million other tasks to complete.

Especially when research revealed that the average worker spends two and a half hours every day just answering emails!

However, if you outsource all of these jobs to a specialist care recruitment agency, they’ll be able to move quickly as they’ll already have a bank of top candidates ready to contact on your behalf.

An organised system detailing their experience and qualifications can be found at a click of a mouse.

There’s no waiting around for applications or spending hours on end searching for professionals.

Over time, a specialist care recruitment agency will have built strong relationships with both active and passive job seekers to establish what they’d be interested in hearing about.

A top agency takes the time and resource to grow their network of contacts so they don’t have to spend too many hours sifting through application forms and cover letters.

Instead, they can simply make contact, conduct interviews and pick the best candidates best suited to your individual needs.

This is a particularly important element if you’re looking to move fast on temporary contracts and recruit in large batches.

A specialist care recruitment agency knows what you need

Once you start to form a relationship with a care recruitment agency, they’ll know exactly what you want without you having to say anything.

This can range from your personal preferences, religious requirements or even personal qualities.

The agency will do all of the pre-screening work, so the only candidates you’ll be presented with will be vetted and very suitable for the role you’re looking to fill.

A special service

It’s a plain and simple point, but nonetheless true.

A recruitment agency which specialises in the care sector will know how the industry operates and recognise exactly what is required when looking for someone.

The agency will also understand the importance of getting things right as well, meaning you won’t be given any candidates who don’t possess the right skills, experience or traits.

The standard of care will also be very high too.

A specialist agency will want to ensure that all of the candidates they put forward receive all of the training and support they need to then make a positive difference to your organisation.

Less risk involved

It may sound strange, but a good care recruitment agency might be able to offer you a rebate period.

This means, if the candidate they place leaves within a certain amount of time, then they’ll either replace them for free or give you some of your money back.

Naturally, this all depends on the terms agreed.

However, this does offer peace of mind if you’re thinking about using an agency you’ve never worked with before.

Earn points

This isn’t a very common factor, but with Temps4Care, we offer a loyalty scheme to our clients.

So for every hour our temps work for you, you’ll earn points.

The more points you accrue, the better the prize is.

While this isn’t the most important element of the recruitment process, it is a nice welcome bonus to sweeten the deal and to show how much we care about our clients.

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