Young Carer Reminds Us Why the Care Industry Is so Important

Young Carer Reminds Us Why the Care Industry Is so Important

Overworked, underpaid and unappreciated are just some of the common misconceptions people think about the care industry.

In fact, there’s a number of uninformed professionals who think they aren’t qualified to do anything else.

In August 2018, the Express published a damaging article stating that 93% of Britons want to put cameras in care homes to protect vulnerable people from abuse and neglect.

However, this type of bad press isn’t giving the industry a true reflection of what it’s really like.

As you know, it takes a special type of loving, attentive, patient and supportive person to work in this industry. And that’s what 24-year-old Beth Sturgis recently tried to address in an open letter on Facebook.

Changing the perception of the care industry

Talking to The Independent, Beth said she wrote the post because she sees a lot of negative stories in the media and was fed up of people thinking it was a job where she just popped in, completed an easy job and left.

The letter was designed to help people see that her profession does really care about their clients.

“Today I helped a man that has lived through the war wash and dress because old age has now hit him and he is unable to walk or do these things for himself because his body is ageing faster than his mind,” she writes.

“Today I helped a lady who this time last year was living her life normally to complete her normal daily tasks because she is now living her life with a cruel disease that has taken over her body and left her unable to do these things for herself.”

Beth also addresses her commitment outside of work hours, writing: “I have attended funerals of those I have helped, those who I have seen twice maybe even four times a day and I have cried at the loss of those lives.”

When The Independent asked whether she would consider a different profession, she made it very clear that she wouldn’t and finds it very rewarding.

“I honestly can say that I feel it’s in my blood, my family are all in the line of public service, my mother is also a carer and I saw how much she loved it and thought I’d give it a go. “

Since Beth posted her open letter on Facebook, it went viral, receiving more than 8,000 likes, 6,000 shares and some truly touching comments.

What does this mean for the care industry?

Beth’s honest insight into the world of care and health is a breath of fresh air to the industry. As specialists in recruiting the best care professionals, we understand finding the perfect employee isn’t always easy.

This letter acts as a reminder and a good piece of advertisement to promote the positive elements in the industry.

Turning these negative perceptions into positive can only benefit organisations and recruitment agencies like us.

Hopefully, this news will give you another spring in your step today and remind you that you’re doing an incredible job.

Spread the word and share this message today, it might just make finding your next employee that little bit easier.

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