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CV assessment - how to find top care workers

CV Assessment Checklist: 9 Signs of a Top Care Worker

CV assessment can be very monotonous and dull – especially if you have to wade through over 20 a day. After a while, it’s only natural to start skim-reading CVs and cover letters, which could result in you missing out on a top candidate. The most frustrating part is that there’s a reported lack of […]

7 Interview Questions to Help Find a Top Care Worker

7 Interview Questions to Help Find a Top Care Worker

Carrying out an interview for any job can be very daunting for managers and senior staff, particularly when deciding which of the 100’s of interview questions to ask. There’s always the pressure of making a good impression to the candidate, and then there’s the simple task of choosing the right one to work within your […]

Find Top Care Candidate CVs

5 Tips to Identify a Top Care Candidate’s CV in 30 seconds

When it comes to recruiting for a position in the care industry, it can be a rather tedious task, which requires time and an eagle eye. However, to successfully shortlist candidates isn’t always easy when you’re on a tight schedule and you have a huge pile of CVs to work through. According to SocialTalent, the […]

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