CV Assessment Checklist: 9 Signs of a Top Care Worker

CV assessment - how to find top care workers

CV assessment can be very monotonous and dull – especially if you have to wade through over 20 a day.

After a while, it’s only natural to start skim-reading CVs and cover letters, which could result in you missing out on a top candidate.

The most frustrating part is that there’s a reported lack of qualified people and a shortage in the UK social care sector.

So the question is; how do you find a diamond in the rough efficiently?

Well, a good starting point is having a handy CV assessment checklist to work from. You can even print it off if you find it easier!

Your CV assessment checklist

Is there a cover letter?

One of the best ways to separate the serious care workers from the time-wasters is to check if they have included a bespoke cover letter.

While a standard cover letter is a good step, the real top candidates will take the time to create an industry or role-specific one which ticks all of the boxes.

Do they use lots of clichés?

Is there CV littered with references to their ‘hard-working’ and ‘passionate’ nature? If so, the chances are that they aren’t very attentive, because they haven’t even taken the time to write something a bit more compelling.

Remember, personality is a good thing on a CV, as this can make them very loveable and approachable in a patient’s eyes.

Have they got the right experience for the position?

There’s no use in hiring a care worker who hasn’t got the right qualifications or knowledge on how to do the job – unless it’s an entry-level position.

A top way of finding the juicy details quickly is to write down five keywords relating to their experience which you’d like to see on their CV.

Once you’ve got these written down, conduct a quick keyword search on your keyboard to see if these words crop up.

Is their experience a bit vague?

Words are rendered meaningless if there’s no evidence to back up their claims. If you can spot a few generic or vague references to certain industry-related roles, they might be embellishing their CV.

In fact, research revealed that 10% of Brits are guilty of doing this.

Does their hobbies or interests section have any relation to the job?

Some of the strongest CVs will use their interests section to highlight why their hobbies can be useful in their job.

For instance, if the candidate likes to do yoga in their spare time, this can help them keep healthy both mentally and physically. It can also enable them to easily keep calm when dealing with difficult patients.

Will they fit in with the culture of your organisation?

This can include their values and their interests. If they appear very social, you need to think about whether that’s going to add some colour to your organisation or have a negative impact.

Are there any mistakes?

While spelling and grammar isn’t the most important trait in the care industry, it does demonstrate their level of care.

Think of it this way, if they are making errors in a non-pressured environment, how do you know whether they are going to cope in tricky situations as a care worker?

Does it include all the relevant details?

An obvious inclusion, but nonetheless essential. This can include references, contact details, key skills, job experience with dates, interests, education and qualifications. If they’ve missed any of these off, this could suggest that they’re poor at what they do or they’re simply hiding something.

Do you want to interview them?

The bottom line is, do you feel compelled to hear more from this candidate? Do they come across well? Have they raised a level of intrigue? Do they possess the right experience and qualifications?

If the answer is no on more than one of these questions, then they might not be the right fit for your organisation.

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