How to Recruit Temps on a Tight Budget

How to Recruit Temps on a Tight Budget

When it comes to hiring temp workers in the healthcare industry, time is extremely important.

However, to find people quickly can often cost a lot of money – especially if you’re unsure on what you’re doing.

Here at Temps 4 Care, we come across a lot of businesses and organisations who adopt a scattergun approach to their recruitment drive.

The key to successfully finding adequate temps quickly and for a low-cost is all about using the right strategy.

Sure, you can throw a lot of money at multiple recruitment agencies, job boards and paid social media ads, but it’s probably wasting value effort and money.

To help you adopt the right strategy, we’ve put together a series of the best tips to ensure your business or organisation is recruiting efficiently and for a fraction of the price.

Employee referrals

Sometimes the best advocates of your business or organisation are your current employees.

Introduce a referral programme into your recruitment drive and you’ll start to see just how easy it is to get more applicants quickly and for a minimal cost.

The only real outgoing expense would be to cover the cost of a bottle of fizz or something similar.

If you want to spread the word even quicker, you could also roll this campaign out across your social media, encouraging random professionals to find someone on your behalf.

Just remember to give them an incentive worth thinking about.

Blogging and social media

A key element to any marketing or recruitment strategy these days is blogging. If you find a quality content writer or copywriter, they can not only help shout about you across the internet using words, but they’ll be able to use this platform to advertise for new temp roles too.

Granted, this idea is more of a long-term strategy. However, once you’ve established a blogging and digital presence, advertising a job role can be as simple as 1,2,3.

The same principle applies to social media as well. Advertise your blogs via social media and you’ll instantly expand your audience.

Throughout the year, you should always look to post about the positive ‘behind the scenes’ elements to your company or organisation too.

In turn, this can help to make your positions look extremely appealing to professionals. As a result, you may get more people handing in their CVs when you aren’t even recruiting for a role – which you can call upon when you do begin the process.

Sell the concept of your brand and you’ll benefit in the long run.

Ask other candidates

This may seem a tad odd to a candidate, but it can certainly work.

If you’re looking for multiple temps to fill a number of roles, try asking the ones you like about any other people they can recommend.

Providing you tell them that they have bagged themselves a job, they will undoubtedly try to help you find other people.

And the chances are that they’ve worked with a lot of other top temp workers at some stage in their careers.

Dig through your database

Just because you’ve turned someone down before, doesn’t mean that they aren’t right for your business or organisation now.

In fact, since that time, they may have picked up some more valuable experience or the role you’re offering is better suited to their skill set this time around.

Ultimately, it’s a matter of swallowing your pride and doing what is right for your business.

Who knows, you may well have a huge list of potential candidates you can tap into for no added cost!

Use LinkedIn

It might sound like a simple one, but using LinkedIn as a recruitment tool is often forgotten.

You’ll find that a lot of professionals will have an online presence nowadays.

So if you use keywords like NHS, childcare, support worker etc. in LinkedIn’s search bar, you may stumble upon a few temps who could be interested in the role you have to offer them.

Even if you find one person, that’s instantly saved you some money.

Visit universities

The temp industry is made for those who can’t quite commit to permanent work. So why not utilise local university and college students?

Find the ones that have healthcare and public service courses, then arrange an open day to talk about opportunities.

You’ll be surprised at how many students will want to get some more experience under their belts.

Alternatively, if the role you are recruiting for requires a higher level of experience, you can always attend local job fairs as well.

You can find the nearest one to you by visiting Jobs fair. Although a few may cost you a small fee to exhibit, it’ll certainly be a lot cheaper than posting your vacancies on job boards multiple times a year.

This will give you the chance to expand your pool of contacts and use it when something crops up.

Final thoughts

The key to success here is to simply test the water and stick to it.

These ideas are starting points and you should look to implement a handful of them on each recruitment drive. Then after closely monitoring them, you’ll start to see what works well for you.

Plan, test, measure and amend.

If you’d rather get some help from a specialist temp recruitment agency who can do all of this for you, get in touch with our team today.