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Staff Supervision | Time Management

Staff Supervision


Supervisor Values

A printable flyer outlining the 6Cs which define the attributes and skills of a good supervisor.


Lone Worker Risk Assessment [LWRA]

Identify potential risk areas for those working alone.


Supporting lone workers.

A guide with printable PDFs around support, benefits and values of individual/lone workers.


The role of a supervisor

A printable PDF guide with providing information around the role of a supervisor and the types of supervisors in a service.


Building a buddy system

A guide detailing how to build a buddy system and printable resources to help you get your buddy system set up correctly.

Time Management


Time management assessment

An assessment for supervisors to understand how efficiently they manage their time and areas for improvement.


18 ways to protect your time

Ideas and strategies built around ways to protect your time in order to become more time efficient.


Taking control of your time.

A printable action plan to allow supervisory staff to take back control of their time.